“The Court found Ms. James’ testimony to be clear, direct, positive, free from contradiction, and quite compelling.”

– Honorable Martin Lowy, 101st Dallas County Court

“I write to enthusiastically and without reservation recommend Linda James as a document examiner, or, as I referred to her in my capacity as a criminal defense lawyer prior to my retaining her services, a handwriting expert.

I had the pleasure of having worked with Linda James on a capital murder case in recent months where my client was accused of having written letters signed by another individual confessing to several murders and other crimes in Texas and elsewhere. The FBI reports indicated their investigation of the case and analysis of the letters attributed to my client was second only to the ‘Unabomber’ Ted Kacyzninski case of recent years.

As soon as Linda James was on board she assisted my defense of the case competently and diligently. Her knowledge and expertise was evident from the very beginning and she graciously and courteously conveyed her thoughts about the facts and her analysis, and this continued throughout her involvement in the case.

I can say without hesitation that because of Linda James’ involvement in the case I refer to above, decisions and judgments were made about how best to approach the defense of the case and to prioritize the resources to expend on the defense of the capital murder case to which I made reference to above.”

– Ed Solis, Criminal Defense Lawyer / El Paso, Texas

“I have had the privilege, over the years, of working with Linda James on a number of felony cases ranging from felony theft to capital murder. I continue to retain Ms. James because of her ethics, preparation, knowledge and courtroom demeanor. I know that she will conduct her examinations and make her conclusions based on the evidence and not on who retained her. My experience with Ms. James is that she is very pleasant to work with, always prepared and extremely knowledgeable in the field of forensic document and handwriting examination. One of her biggest assets is her courtroom presentation and demeanor. She has the ability to come into the courtroom thoroughly prepared, and convey her findings to a jury in a way they understand, whether on direct or cross examination.

I have the highest regard for Ms. James both for her ethics and expertise in the field of forensic handwriting and document examination.”

– D. Matt Bingham, Criminal Defense Attorney / Smith County, Texas

“It has been my pleasure to work with Linda over the past 5 or 6 years. Linda has helped me on approximately 10-12 cases in which I have retained her as my expert to perform document analysis. In most cases, Linda has prepared a written report which I have used to help resolve the matter. Linda has also testified for me, both in court and in deposition.

Having worked with Linda, and having seen her under cross-examination, I can easily say that Linda is a true ‘professional’ in every sense of the word. Linda really knows how to communicate her analysis and opinions to a diverse audience, communicating effectively with both judges and jurors. Also, I am very confident in Linda’s opinions. It is clear to me that she is not ‘result oriented,’ and does not try to slant her opinions to the attorney’s expectations. On more than one occasion, Linda has had to give me ‘bad news’ about one or more questioned signatures that I have sent her for analysis.

Linda exhibits the highest ethical standards in her work. She actively watches for, and guards against, conflicts of interest. Many of the conflicts arise because Linda impresses her adversary attorney. On more than one occasion, I have seen my former opponents retain Linda in future cases.

Having watched Linda in Court and in deposition, I can safely say that I am very impressed with her knowledge of handwriting analysis and document analysis.”

– Tom C. Clark, Attorney with Dealy, Zimmerman, Clark, Malouf & MacFarlane, P.C. / Dallas, Texas

“You are the best testifying expert I have ever used. In my line of work with vehicle crashworthiness, I typically see automotive engineers, biochemical engineers, metallurgists and physicists. Your down-to-earth explanations were helpful and the jury loved you.”

– E. Todd Tracy, Attorney at Law/Dallas, Texas

“Her expertise in providing quality information reflects positively on her knowledge, skills, and abilities.”

– Director of Corporate Security for Southwest Airlines.

“Linda James will be recognized as an expert.”

– Honorable Robert E. Price, Dallas County Probate Court No. 2

“[Ms. James]’ examination was thorough, professional, and timely. Although her professional opinion did not help my client, I could not help but be impressed with her evaluation … she was able to explain in clear and concise terms how she conducts an examination, what factors are considered, and how her conclusions are reached. I would not hesitate to call on her expertise in any future case.”

– Captain Richard E. Burns, U.S. Military Trial Defense Services

“I found that Ms. James was qualified as an expert and coherent and articulate as a witness. Her testimony was of the utmost importance, and without that testimony I do not believe my client would have been successful.”

– Samuel T. Kinslow, Attorney at Law/Waco, Texas

“Your graphic presentation and simple straightforward explanation of document examination along with your easy rapport with the jury was instrumental in my client’s success at trial. The contrast between your presentation and the Defense’s expert witness was dramatic and decisive. Your exhibits were dynamite.”

– John Chidgey, Attorney at Law/Fort Worth, Texas

“Her work has been methodical, exact, and she is extremely meticulous in her document examination, findings, and reporting technique.”

– Retired Captain with the Houston Police Department

“Thank you for your assistance with our recent investigation. Your contributions helped make our story an effective, accurate news series. We enjoyed working with you and hope we can call on you in the future.”

– KTVT Television – Dallas/Ft. Worth Investigators – CBS Affiliate.

“… appreciation for the excellent work you did in providing us with the expert comparison of handwriting needed to help us on our recent case. The written documentation and exhibits were very professionally done… Your work made my job much easier.”

– Supervisor of Lucent Technologies, Bell Lab Innovations.